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The Search for Mr. and Ms. Serenia Fantasy 2013!

Jan 28 2013


Take pride of your talents! Flaunt your beauty and charm, and be Mr and Ms. Serenia Fantasy 2013! Represent your Server and win tons of Prizes! Not only for yourself but also for your Guild and Server!

☆ Eligibility:

- Must be at least 16 years old and above.
- Must be Single, not married or has children.

Mr. – Biologically Male
Ms. - Biologically Female

- Friendly and has good moral character.
- Must be knowledgeable in Serenia Fantasy.
- Must have at least level 50 character, or above, in any server of Serenia Fantasy-GameDP.
- Must be a member of an existing Guild.


*By sending your registration, you agree to the Terms of Services stated by the Company. You have read and understood all the requirements, mechanics and procedures of the Event. You certify that all information that will be stated in your registration is true and correct. You understand and agree  that you will be bound by the official rules of the Event, breaking any of the stated rules will be a ground for disqualification.

Submit your registration in the following format:

Real name:
Birth date:
Facebook Account/url:
Email Address:
Serenia Fantasy Username(the email you use upon log-in):
Character name(must be exact character name):
Character Level:
Character Job:
Character Gender:
Applying for (choose one: Mr or Ms SF) :
What do you love the most in Serenia Fantasy?
Why did you chose your character job and build?
Why did you chose your current Server?
Real Life:
Message to your fellow Serenia Fantasy players:
In-game picture/Screenshot of your Character :
one(1) half body headshot real life picture(raw/unedited) while holding the name of your character(fansign):

- You understand and will accept if any member of Serenia Fantasy Staff will add your Facebook account as Friends to verify if all information stated are correct.
- All real-life information provided upon registration will be treated private and confidential.
- Send your registration to com.sorahime@gmail.com . Email Subject : Mr and Ms SF 2013
- Finalist will be chosen by the Staff of Serenia Fantasy (Admins and CoM).


- Submission of entries will start on 00:00 EST (GMT-5), Jan 30, 2013 to 00:00 EST (GMT-5) February 6, 2013.
- Voting period will start 00:00 EST (GMT-5), February 7, 2013 to 00:00 EST (GMT-5), February 14, 2013.


- Finalist will be chosen by the Staff of Serenia Fantasy.
- Announcement of Finalist will be done on both Forums and Serenia Fantasy FB Fanpage.
- Voting will be done through Facebook photo/page "Likes".
- Bogus Facebook accounts will not be counted. Comments that will try to slander any contestants will be automatically deleted and if found that it is an alt account of another contestant, the said contestant will be given a penalty or may result to disqualification.
- Voting will end on exact time. After the voting time expires, all FB "Likes" done after will not be counted.
- Winners will be determined by the final number of "Likes" in the photo entry.
- Mr and Ms Serenia Fantasy 2013 will be announced once final count is verified.
- Mr and Ms Serenia Fantasy 2013 will be featured in both Serenia Fantasy Facebook and Forums.


Mr and Ms. Serenia Fantasy 2013
- 1 Angel Wings (which can be exchanged to Adv. Angel wings in the future).
- 1 Phoenix Mount
- Wedding Suit 30-Days (M)/(F)
- 5 Cain Gold Brick
- 10 Star Mount Upgrade Pack
- 10 Star Wing upgrade pack

Guild Package Reward:
All members of Mr and Ms Serenia Fantasy 2013 Guild will receive the following reward. The  leader should contact the Community Manager and provide the list of his/her members.

Note: Only members written in the list submitted by the Guild leader will qualify for the Guild package reward.

- 100 Guild Resource
- 250 Coupons
- 5 Bur's Blessing[Bound]
- 3 Valor Crystal[Bound]
- 5 Glory Badge III[Bound]

Server Reward:
The Server in which the winning Mr. and Ms Serenia Fantasy belong to will receive the following:

- 5 Double EXP orb
- 5 Bur's Blessing [Bound]
- 3 Valor Crystal[Bound]

Runner UP(1 pair only)
- Wedding Suit 30-Days (M)/(F)
- 2000 Coupons
- 2 Cain Gold Brick
- 5 Bur's Blessing

For more information, you may contact CoM SoraHime through skype: joan.antonio25 (Subj: Mr. and Ms. SF Inquiry)

Please tie your account! GO (5s)